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Best Of The Colorado Rapids: By The Numbers - #33

Who’s the best all-time Colorado Rapids player to wear #33?

Rapids #33
Rapids #33

This season we'll be taking a look at every player who has worn a Colorado Rapids jersey over the 18 years of the club's existence. Who was the best player to wear a particular jersey number? I'll list them, and you can vote and comment on the best players to don the burgundy...or black and blue...or green...

This week we're looking at #33, on our way down to the goalkeepers at #1. Again, because the Rapids generally don't take the US Open Cup seriously and have traditionally played a lot of reserve team players and trialists, we will only be counting players who appeared in at least one Major League Soccer or CONCACAF Champion's League match.


  • Cesar Zambrano -- 2008
    One of a surprising number of former Rapids to play in just one game.
  • Daniel Wasson -- 2006
    A Rapids draft pick in 2006, Wasson played 17 games with one goal as a promising rookie. Contract issues led to his move after a year with the Rapids to the lower divisions in Germany. He later returned to the states to play for the NASL's Minnesota North Stars.

  • Eugene Sepuya -- 2005

    Another one-game wonder, the Ugandan international moved to Eastern Europe, then Australia, back to Europe, and now apparently plays in Tajikistan. I would have stayed in Australia.

  • Ritchie Kotschau -- 2001
    A consistent outside back over his career in Colorado, Kotschau was traded to the Rapids along with Carlos Valderrama and Scott Garlick for Adin Brown and Scott Vermillion. Kotschau alone means the Rapids won that trade (Blondie and Pepper were just bonuses). He played his partial first season at #33 before switching to #3 (for four seasons). As #33, he started 11 games and had one assist.

  • Matt Okoh -- 2000
    Okoh started his career with the APSL's Colorado Foxes in 1995. Amidst his travels to Santos in Brazil, the New England Revolution, and several lower-division teams in Germany, Okoh played in 21 games for the Rapids in 2000, scoring twice with six assists. Interestingly, after a six year break as a college coach, Okoh unretired and is currently a 40 year old player/coach in Germany.

So who's the best Rapids player to ever wear the number 33? Vote below!

My Pick: Kostchau is the pick of the litter for his overall work as a Rapids player, but he's not the best #33--barely. Wasson was an interesting player who was ultimately lost to the Rapids by MLS's ridiculous salary structure. But I'll give an ambivalent nod to Okoh for the most complete season by any of the candidates.