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The Daily Wave: Supporters Culture; Social Media, It's a Trolls Life For Me.

Fan pages are one of the best things about facebook. But should there be a moderator to save people from making themselves look like idiots? This guy thinks so. Here's some guidelines for how to use social media these days.

Sometimes commenting anonymously is your best option
Sometimes commenting anonymously is your best option

Social media is a great tool for communicating with old friends, organizing an event, or learning about something new. When a new site goes viral it's usually young people who use it first. Then it gets popular and next thing you know your grandma is logging in.

For instance, Salt Lake fans are just now getting to Myspace, generally used now by women who are trying to sell their bodies for money or religious music artists trying to sell downloads of their new tracks. Being citizens of the United States, we have the right of freedom of speech and that is important. But sometimes within these rights, we need to know when not to use them. Some people that post on the Colorado Rapids facebook probably should not be allowed to be in public. Everybody who goes to their favorite blog or fan page has seen the odd troll. Sometimes I can't resist. Today somebody started a twitter account called @rapidsfacebook. It's a parody. The most important part of being a troll is being entertaining, so here are a few guidelines that I came up with in this age of social media.

1) If your career plan includes going into corporate America, then probably don't take pictures and post them online. Or if you must, come up with a stage name. Posting drunk pictures of yourself is like getting a face or neck tattoo. If that sounds like a good idea, then go to town with the pictures because they can be entertaining. For the record if you have a face or neck tattoo, I'm secretly envious because you have chosen the hard path in the game of life. And for you to be successful it will take a lot of intestinal fortitude. Taking yourself out of the professional world before they can kick you out is definitely a statement.

2) Trolling is going to happen. So if you must, make it entertaining. My favorite troll was to post with the people that thought everything is greater than Tim Tebow. Maybe that fun has jumped the shark but people still make comments on that article. Just getting angry and making political statements are going to alienate your friends. And speaking of jumping the shark...

3) Facebook, what is it good for? Facebook for me is to get updates on events and look at baby pictures when i get a notification to do so. People just getting angry and making political statements will be unfriended. Even if it's not a political statement. I had a "friend" who said, "My kids are cuter than yours and if you don't think so unfriend me!" Never had to unfriend somebody before. My news-feed has turned into my friends trying to be politically correct "liking posts, or putting gruesome pictures of drunk driving accidents to remind me not to drink and drive" and I don't play that game so I stopped writing anything. I don't check my news-feed anymore. Working in radio for several years you hear the saying that only 5% of people who listen actually call. And only 5% percent who call are actually good on the air. The rest of the 95%? I will just say that there is a reason they should not be allowed on the air. The job of a radio host is to entertain. Not indulge the crazy rantings of an insane person. Not only would that not be allowed on the air. I would ban his silliness for life and I know people that have.

What there should be is a moderator for fan pages to get these irrational responses to Colorado's record or injury status off of the public space. It's like the show "Jersey Shore' representing all of the United States to people overseas. We don't want other teams fans coming to our facebook page and think this represents the lot of us. If only we could get through to the people that idolize the cast of Jersey Shore or continue to say that the Rapids coach should be fired because he hasn't won a game this year. But Tim Hinchey has a plan and the plan does not include firing anybody 32 days into the season. Especially with the team we have on the field. Remember realistic expectations.

Extra thoughts:

- Salt Lake being creepy: The Rapids A T&T spoof was awesome. But you know what's really creepy about SLC? There are no homeless people as far as the eye can see. I have a theory on homeless. Why does Denver have a lot of homeless people? California? Florida? Because those are places that people actually want to live. Also they would have to buy a portable cooler and ice just to have a cold beer because the state run liquor stores don't have coolers. So being homeless wouldn't be any fun. This is pure speculation but I think there is a gulag style prison underneath the temple in downtown SLC where they keep the brave souls who dare to sleep on the streets. By the way, Colorado has marijuana tourism now so expect our homeless population to rise.

- A final word on expectations. The game against RSL would be a great time to for the Rapids to get their first win of the season. Not only would it give the Rapids good momentum going into a tough stretch of games against Chivas, Seattle, and Houston. It would also put them in the drivers seat to clinch the Rocky Mountain Cup for the first time in 7 years and first time at Dicks Sporting Goods Park August 3rd.