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The Daily Wave: Being Offended; What a Damn Shame!

The year is 2013. To be American is too be offended easily. Living in Colorado isn't any different. It's just what we should be offended about is what has to change. This is what Colorado Rapids fans should be agitated about so far this season.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I think Bill Murray said it best when asked what will happen to Denver if we passed an end to marijuana prohibition. In the end, the effect it has on the general public when pot is more easily available than it is today is comparable to the tailgate for the Seattle Sounders game this past weekend. Nothing. It was not even noticeable. Sure there was a 4-20 joke here and there. Yeah there was a small tifo in the game that got three seconds of regional tv airtime. But if you were offended by that then you are on a path to be the worst-case agoraphobic person who sits, locked in their own prison of the mind, and just watches Dr Quinn Medicine Woman re-runs and cries. People that think reefer madness is real were either alive when that production happened (1936), or can't make rational decisions. So the rational mind says be responsible and keep it indiscernable. The irrational mind goes to a celebration and does this. And now we have to have two different celebrations, one for each gang. We're not going to stop Jazz in The Park because of last year's horrible incident. We should not stop April 20th either. The easily offended will have plenty to crow about and maybe even forget about the Rapids what with gay marriage ceremonies starting in 7 days. What should Rapids fans be offended about?

1) Have outrage for the "The Don't Cross the Line" MLS PR campaign. Although admittedly better than MLS 4 RSL, the message they are sending is basically don't get caught or if you're not cheating, you're not trying. But the MLS made a fatal error in not having Johnny Cash's I walk the line as the theme song.

2) Be agitated by the Colorado Rapids facebook commenters. They are so interesting that they have their own twitter parody account. I think a good rule of thumb is to write out what you want to say on twitter or any social media site. Wait five minutes, then re-read it and if it still sounds funny or gets your point across then post it. Or maybe ask a friend if it is funny.

3) Don't have time for people that say we need to fire Oscar Pareja. Put simply, year one's plan was to assess current talent compared to his system and acquire players to fit. Year two, get younger and allow core to gel and maybe make playoffs. Year three is when we should expect results.

4) Be annoyed with people that call for Tim Hinchey's job. All three 1st round picks from the drafts since Tim Hinchey has taken over have a regular spot in the line-up. That coupled with doubling the season ticket base and making people want to wear the authentic kit which has an ulterior motive, namely getting a better chance to get a kit sponsor. The Rapids had the lowest authentic kit sales in the league, mostly because people bought Chivas USA shirts when they thought they were buying Chivas de Guadalajara. If you improve authentic kit sales, then it makes it more attractive to sponsors to put their name on it. My personal plea would be to either Frontier or Dish Network. Two of several billion dollar companies in Colorado. When the Rapids re-branded in 2007 they used Kroenke-DNA. The jerseys were kind of plain. Moreso than the 2013 version. Which rewards people with buying the authentic version.

5) The MLS for postponing opening day because of the half inch of snow that fell March 9th. I stood the entire game March 22nd when the U.S. Mens national team played Costa Rica and felt more connected to that team and grew pride for our country. Maybe if the Rapids home opener was played it would have been an advantage for Colorado and the outcome would have been different.

Perhaps our culture would be a little better if we directed our angst to something productive, like fathers raising their kids and peolpe not living off of the government as a lifestyle choice. So stop getting offended over trivial issues. The easily offended have too much time on their hands. I suggest getting a different hobby than trying to be politically correct. I keep hearing about these Obama phones. This is something that we should be outraged about. That 2 billion could help social security recipients. It's a damn shame that people live like that. We need to bring public shaming back. Just pick a few petty criminals a week and put them on national news. Or bring back the show, "To Catch a Predator." I think Chris Hansen is free these days. Constantly being offended does not equate to a better quality of life. So let's worry about these topics above and not if dogs and dogs and cats and cats are living together.