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The Daily Wave: The Rapids Through The Eyes Of A Three Year Old

To the average adult fan, the 2013 season is going downhill fast for the Colorado Rapids. But what does a three year old think of the Boys in Burgundy? On Saturday, The Daily Wave found out.


As I mentioned in my first post for Burgundy Wave, I tend to watch most Colorado Rapids games from my own family room. The primary reason for this is that I have a three year old daughter at home, and that means I am usually busy being treated as a human jungle gym or crawling around my house pretending to be a dog during home matches. But this week was different. This week, the Rapids' home game versus the Portland Timbers was at 4 pm on a warm-ish Saturday afternoon, which meant a chance to bring my daughter to the game and indoctrinate her, er, I mean, spend some quality father-daughter time while catching some footy.

What follows is a running diary of a day at Dick's Sporting Goods Park spent with a kid only a few years younger than the average age of the starting line up on Saturday.

7th Minute: This is when we arrived because, frankly, you can never be on time for anything when you have a young kid in tow. I mean, seriously, have you ever tried to get a toddler out of the house in less than 5 minutes? Getting shoes and socks on alone is typically a 15 minute endeavor.

10th Minute to 14th Minute: The longest stretch of the game during which she actually pays attention to what is happening on the field. After that, the shiny thing has lost its luster and only passing attention is paid to the action on the field from here on out.

15th Minute: Mmmmmmmmmmm, popcorn! Yum yum munch yum munch nomm nommm!

18th Minute: Still focusing on the popcorn while sitting on my lap, I actually get to see the build up to Dillon Powers' goal. A fantastic way to open his MLS account, and my daughter really likes the cannon that goes off after the goal is scored.

19th minute: "I want another goal! That was so fun!" (I swear she said this... couldn't be prouder as a father)

Sometime between the 20th Minute and 30th Minute: Tony Cascio goes on a little dribbling jaunt, but is dispossessed by a Portland defender. Daughter asks "Why did he kick the ball away from that boy? That is not good." Indeed, honey, indeed.

35th Minute: I am now trying to do anything to get her attention back to the game, so I point out how far some of the players can kick the ball. A goal kick is taken, and Daughter exclaims "Come on, horseys!" I have no idea.

39th Minute: Daughter is now occupying herself by dropping popcorn on the floor and mashing it with her foot. She entertains herself doing this for the rest of the half.

Halftime: Trip to the potty and the concession stand. Daughter orders a hot dog, immediately dispenses with the bun, and proceeds to eat the frankfurter like a piece of corn on the cob.

48th Minute: Hendry Thomas converts PK, cannon goes off, and again, Daughter is happy.

55th Minute: Portland scores from a wide open header, but Daughter is more upset that cannon does not go off. Explaining to her why the cannon was not fired does not make her any less disappointed.

64th Minute: Daughter is watching when Shane O'Neil collects a poor clearance by Portland and fires a shot on goal, only to be denied by a sprawling Donovan Ricketts save. Referring to Ricketts, Daughter says "I'm going to give that boy a timeout!" Wise beyond her years.

65th Minute to 72nd Minute: This is the portion of the game during which Daughter runs back and forth on the bleachers behind our seats and introduces herself to all nearby spectators. This includes finding scraps of trash and proudly displaying them to me. Second Portland goal completely ignored by Daughter. I also try to ignore it.

75th Minute: As the temperature continues to drop, Daughter decides she has had enough of the game and so we head for the exit. On the way out of the stadium, she finds a streamer, which delights her to no end. But while playing with said streamer on the walk back to the car, she falls and skins her knee and begins to cry. The instantaneous transition from joy to sorrow reminds me a bit of the game we just watched together. In a way, it feels like an appropriate end to the first of what I hope is many Rapids games we watch together.