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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs. Chivas USA

The young-uns on the team are our brightest stars!

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

Apologies for no player rating the last few weeks, I think I may have caught the injury bug that the Rapids had!

The Colorado Rapids may have had more people watching Saturday nights’ game against Chivas USA at Backcountry Pizza in Boulder than fans who actually attended the game in California! And much to the delight of Rapids fans gathered at viewing parties all across the state, the Rapids were able to pull out a gritty 1-0 win off of Deshorn Brown’s first penalty kick!


Clint Irwin- 8

In my opinion, Irwin remains the best player on the field for the Rapids! Though he did not technically save the PK, he guessed right and was able to punch out the rebound that had a great chance of going in. I felt like he made a few lapses in the game, such as being out of position and he got lucky as Chivas was not able to convert these. The rest of his defense though needs to step it up.

Chris Klute- 4

I’m a big fan of Klute’s play. He is very aggressive and able to drive the ball up the wing and get some good shots off. That said, it seemed the whole defense was struggling to clear the ball at times. The Rapids were just lucky that Chivas could not create any chances from these.

Brian Mullan- 4

Mullan seemed to have a similar game to Klute. The defense struggled much of the night and was lobbing a lot of balls forward just to see what would happen.

Marvell Wynne – 6

Marvell had a good game, creating many turnovers and clearing the ball out of the box successfully. He seemed frustrated with the defense at times from some of the TV crew’s shots of him.

Shane O’Neil – 3

O’Neil’s game was particularly worse than any of the rest of the defense. After all, the Rapids did keep a clean sheet. But the foul he committed in the box, was uncalled for. The Rapids were lucky to get out of that PK without Chivas scoring. With this being the fourth game in a row that we have given up a PK, the defense really needs to step up.


Hendry Thomas- 5

The captain let Deshorn Brown take the penalty kick and his decision did not disappoint! The play of the mid-field however seemed a bit shaky. They were unable to hold the ball, instead deciding to lob the ball forward as I mentioned before.

Atiba Harris – 5

I struggle with how to rate Harris! It felt that he spent most of his game on the ground, especially towards the end. And after the game he tweeted about having food poisoning…But he did have some great chances on goal (though, as usual, he did not convert them). I don’t think he’s a good addition to the mid-field and should be playing at a true forward position for the mid-field to be more solid at connecting passes.

Dillon Powers – 6

To me, Powers seemed to be the shining star of the mid-field. He created space and opportunities in the center and was responsible for getting the ball forward. I would like to see the rest of the mid-field connecting like Powers has been.

Nick LaBrocca – 5

LaBrocca had a really quiet game, as he appeared to still be dealing with an injury from earlier in the season. Overall not impressive, but not detrimental either!


Edson Buddle – 7

The best part of Buddle’s game may have been the space and opportunities he created in the box. While he only had one attempt at goal, he moved the ball around so well that had other chances gone in he would be our leader in assists! Solid game from our new number 9.

DeShorn Brown – 8

This kid is the energizer bunny! He just keeps running hard and fast! When he was taken down in the box to create the PK you could tell he really wanted that goal as he convinced Thomas to let him take the kick. It was great to see him come through. The rest of the game he had some great chances that were just not quite enough. Especially one in the second half where had he not been falling down as he went to kick the opposite direction would have put the Rapids up 2-0. Love this kid.


Drew Moor- 5

Moor’s addition at the half for LaBrocca seemed to help improve things a bit from a defensive stand point. But I did not notice him much.

Anthony Wallace – 5

Great to see Wallace getting sometime and hopefully as he continues to get and stay healthy we will have some more depth for the defensive backs position!

Jamie Smith- N/A