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The Daily Wave: Supporters Culture; A Fascinating Time For Fanaticism!

If the word fan is short for fanatic, then what kind of behavior should we expect between fans and their team and players and the media in the age of new media?

These Drummers Aspire to the Level of Fame and Fanaticism of The Indians John Adams
These Drummers Aspire to the Level of Fame and Fanaticism of The Indians John Adams

If we had a scale of 1-10 for the level of fan craziness, then a ten would be stabbing an athlete, and a one the seemingly care-free soccer moms who populate sections 110-112 at Dicks Sporting Goods Park. The people who comment on the Rapids Facebook page are merely a four. I would classify them as annoying troublemakers who either don't know what they are talking about, or our narcissistic society gives them the confidence to actually believe what they are writing. (Thanks participation ribbon culture!) Obviously the front office is going to let those people say what they want because the higher-ups have a little bit more experience and tact then people who put 30 seconds of thought into a facebook rant. But the commenters need to remember it's their name out there in the world. So here is a few situations in which I will give a grade based upon the appropriate response from a fans perspective.

This megalomaniac assertion by fellow SBNation blogger Matt Montgomery that there is no rivalry between the Colorado Rapids and Real Salt Lake. Yes, Fake Salt Lake has won the cup for six years running, but several years were ties and both teams won an MLS Cup during that time. So if anything, this rivalry is one of the strongest in the MLS. I would say the only thing that Salt Lake City beats Denver in is having In-n-Out. I almost forgot. They win in not having homeless people. Great job. Just remember the only team's fans we can't party (tailgate) with and don't want to hang out with at the best tailgate in the league are Salt Lake City's. And it's not Rapids fan choice. So learn how to hold your liquor Montgomery. Hopefully they get some coolers in the state-run liquor stores out there soon.

Sport Extremist Meter- 7- Delusions of Grandeur

Appropriate fan response to this: Laughing manically for several minutes and then sharing with friends.

The only player to win every Rocky Mountain Cup, Kyle Beckerman, saying that winning the cup doesn't mean anything to Salt Lake's season. This is how their captain acts? I know that there are more than a few bicycle helmets full of denial since the loss of the election last year, but to spurn that you don't care about the team that traded you in the prime of your career and you specifically stating you don't care about losing to them smells funny to me. The trade was such a lopsided victory for Salt Lake it probably meant he outstayed his welcome here in Colorado for some reason. But learning a quick- trigger denial response to adversity is just something you learn in Utah. It's also sad because RSL just has to win and they retain the cup on August 3rd. They are not out of the cup contention this season. You may fool the Mayberry-like RSL fans. But you don't fool me.

Sports Extremist Meter- 3- DENIAL!!!

Appropriate fan response to this: Shake my head, then go show all my friends.

I know i'm beating a dead horse but a person who wants to change the rules of soccer to fit in with their countries media tastes. I'm all for American Exceptionalism. But this is the definition of close-minded. Is it a coincidence that his media organization has run several puff-pieces about the Rapids since allowing this not thought out blasphemous post. He is a baseball guy. Baseball has its place in our society. Just like Notre Dame has its place. Just like Jay Leno has his place. Just like Myspace has its place. It would be great if the Rapids could average more people than the Rockies. But all things being equal, meaning put the Rapids in LoDo, and they could. Take the Rockies out of LoDo and that spells trouble for their existence.

Sports Extremist Meter- 9- Hopefully he never leaves the county because he might cause an international incident with his personality.

Appropriate fan response: Attacking him back with enough fervor to merit a response from his organization.

Notice there was no yelling, calling for people's jobs, direct name calling, or somewhat unprofessional conduct advertised in this post today. Just pointing out some facts with some common sense responses. One more thing. Do you think Kyle Beckerman would voluntarily move to Utah? Where does Danny Ainge live? Karl Malone? John Stockton? I guess this guy doesn't get Utah. But if your most high-profile sports citizens don't want to stay after retirement, well that speaks for itself.