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Tim Howard Injured, March 22nd Might Be Out Of The Question

That's probably a bad thing, right?

Rob Carr

Not to hamper the excitement that is radiating around Colorado soccer fans because of our upcoming World Cup Qualification match against Costa Rica on March 22nd, but we might be missing a rather key part of the United States squad when that game finally comes around. Tim Howard is injured, with two fractured bones in his back. It's not a serious injury, but he's expected to miss about a month of time.

For those of you not as good at the maths, March 22nd is significantly less than a month away.

The USA has a pretty decent goalkeeper pool, so I'm not incredibly worried, but I'd rather have Howard in the net than any of Nick Rimando, Sean Johnson, Bill Hamid etc. If I had to wager a guess, I would assume that Brad Guzan will be between the sticks for the USMNT come that game, but then I'm an idiot.

Guess we're just going to have to be a few decibels louder so that we can spur the team on that much more. Is this the excuse I need to bring my accordion?