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DeShorn Brown Likely To Start Again Against Philadelphia

With Edson Buddle still out of the picture, DeShorn Brown might be starting his second game in a row pn Saturday.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Edson Buddle apparently won't be playing against the Philadelphia Union as we were hoping, as he mentioned he still wasn't quite there fitness-wise in a post on the Rapids website.

"I prefer to play in a reserve game before I jump into a regular game," he said.

Of course, this means that DeShorn Brown, the electrifying rookie that stormed into Rapids-land with a wonderful performance against FC Dallas, is probably going to start against Philly on Saturday.

As for Buddle, this would push his likely return to March 16th, the first Rocky Mountain Cup match of the season against Real Salt Lake. (I suppose if there's any game we're going to want the experienced striker ready for, it's probably going to be that one.)

The only downside to this news is that I think we're likely to see Atiba Harris starting for 90 minutes again -- I maintain that the reason Harris was out there in the first place is because Oscar Pareja was looking for a veteran presence somewhere on that front line, and I assumed it would be Buddle this time around if he was healthy.

Then again, I could be wrong and we could finally see the Kevin Harbottle - Deshorn Brown - Tony Cascio front line that I've been dreaming about all off-season. Dare to dream, I say.