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Colorado Rapids vs. FC Dallas - Player Ratings

Tim provides the first player ratings of the year for the game against FC Dallas, and they're predictably not that bad at all.


We all know the disaster that was Ceus for the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night. After seeing his adventures in goal keeping in the preseason, I dreaded seeing him start for us. Aside from that there were plenty of bright spots for our young boys in burgundy (uh, actually awesome Colorado pride!), and points for concern as well.

While our passing and possession looks much improved over last season, I’m afraid that our accuracy and finishing was still suffering in the season opener.

Rating Scale
0 – Relegate this guy!
1-3 – Awful performance. Mistakes Abound.
4-6 – Solid game. Few mistakes, but nothing special.
7-9 – Tons of glory for this guy! We will serenade him with obnoxious chants!
10- Don’t let him go overseas!

Steward Ceus #21 – Rating: 2
That one blunder which cost the goal. You know the one. I don’t even want to talk about it. It just cannot happen again. Other than that he had a few other mistakes that luckily did not concede any other goals and I thought he improved in the second half.

Marvell Wynne #22- Rating: 6
To quote Chris Bianchi, "Marvell Wynne is having a heck of a game. Two great passes a few minutes ago, fantastic defending on Cooper there."

Brian Mullan #11- Rating: 5
Was Mullan on defense or offense!? I’m not sure he knew either, but I thought he had a good game. As he admits himself, he’s still learning to play on the backline, but his play was solid.

Diego Calderon #5- Rating: 5
As you’ll see, I actually liked most of the play from our defense and midfield. Sweet passes and attacking oriented. I thought Calderon did well in the back too.

Drew Moor #3- Rating: 5
Didn't have to do quite as much as we were used to him doing last year, and that's not a bad thing. Diego Calderon provided enough speed to keep the longer through passes from troubling him and he was left to his bread and butter -- good tackles and headers to keep the ball out of danger.

Hendry Thomas #12- Rating: 5
Probably the worst game that Hendry has yet played for the Rapids, but his appearances last year were all so good that it's not saying much to say that.

Pablo Mastroeni #25 – Rating: 8
Our captain! Returning from injury! To play the full 90 minutes and he looked like a beast out there. He did it all with shots on goal, good defending and a good solid possession player in the middle. And I’ll admit, I’m probably giving him more credit than he is due. But it was great to see him out there.

Dillon Powers #8 – Rating: 7
Awesome, awesome, awesome. I love this kid and am anticipating him keeping up this type of performance. I thought he had some great crosses and a good connection with Brown, even though it develop into a goal.

Deshorn Brown #26 - Rating: 6
This kid is fast. And passionate. And exciting to watch. If only he was able to finish on some of those runs I think we would have gotten a draw out of Dallas. Once he starts really clicking with the rest of the team, he will be a threat. I cannot wait to see him at DSGP!

Atiba Harris #16- Rating: 5
Lots of complaints about Harris and his performance. Lots of off target shots, but at least he was taking them. Though at one point I did feel like he should have been a field-goal kicker in handegg. But his yellow boots really completed the Colorado kit!

Kevin Harbottle #7- Rating: 5
Solid game for Harbottle. Good ball skills. I’d have rather seen Cascio out there though.

Tony Cascio #14- Rating: 6
Super sub! Great energy put on there for Harbottle and I felt he quickly changed the pace of the game. But as it turned out, we just couldn’t connect at the end.

Kamani Hill #13- Rating: N/A

Andre Akpan #19- Rating: N/A