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Rapids vs. Timbers - Man Of The Match

Vote for who you think was the Man of the Match against the Portland Timbers.


There were quite a few solid performances once again on Saturday as the Rapids failed to hold a lead against the Portland Timbers, eventually earning a point in a 2-2 draw. There are three guys in particular that I have in mind for the MoM vote, feel free to let us know who you thought was the No. 1 guy against the Timbers.

Tony Cascio - Tony had one of the most energetic performances in his Rapids career against Portland. He seemed to touch every single blade of grass on the field twice, passed the ball around well and took on every player that was in his path.

Dillon Powers - His fabulous goal made Sportscenter's Top 10, that's really all you need to know.

Hendry Thomas - Not only scored his first MLS goal on a very well-taken penalty kick -- eat your heart out, Omar Cummings! -- but also had another of his vintage passing and holding displays in the midfield, accounting for a huge chunk of the possession that the Rapids enjoyed in what was a quite even game.

Vote below on who you think was the Man of the Match.