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Colorado Rapids vs. FC Dallas - Man Of The Match

Who was Man Of The Match in the 1-0 loss against FC Dallas?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Picking a man of the match might be a bit difficult from that game against FC Dallas, simply because there were very few subpar performances.

DeShorn Brown - Not a bad performance at all by the rookie. You can see why Brown has the potential to be a top center forward in this league. He's big and can hold the ball up as well as any youngster I've ever seen, but he also has blazing speed that can get him past just about any defender if he can build up a full head of steam. This time around, the Rapids offense almost ran exclusively through him before he was subbed off.

Dillon Powers - In fact, both rookie players looked like they were in their elements during the game. Powers in particular had a very impressive first appearance. He was strong on the ball, making tough passes with accuracy and powering his way to the top of the box, playing a position that he isn't even particularly used to! Missing Rivero might not be such a terrible loss after all if Powers keeps that sort of performance up.

Diego Calderon - Another newbie, putting in a great performance at the back. Calderon didn't have Marvell Wynne speed, but he was quick enough to get to any through ball they tried and his tackles were nearly always on point. The whole defense impressed at times against Dallas, but Calderon was the guy I noticed the most often.

Vote below, who was your MoM?