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Diego Calderon, Pablo Mastroeni Also Out Saturday

More injuries mounting up for the Rapids, how original! Two injuries sustained against LA will keep players out against Portland.


Mo' injuries, mo' problems.

The injury problems that the Rapids are facing this year are starting to reach farcical limits, considering that we're only in four weeks into the season. Two of the players who got smacked down with injury against the LA Galaxy will miss time, including Saturday's game against the Portland Timbers.

This week's dropped players? Diego Calderon, who slammed his leg into a goalpost while saving a ball that was going to go in if he didn't make the sacrifice, and Pablo Mastroeni, who suffered yet another leg injury a short time into the game. Calderon will miss an undisclosed amount of time, but considering he's getting surgery, we can probably expect over a month. Pablo is expected to miss two weeks, which means both of these guys will also miss the RMC game next weekend.

That means that, with Drew Moor also out, we're going to see some very interesting lineup choices against the Timbers. Prepare for Shane O'Neill to get his first start, maybe Nick Labrocca as well with Kevin Harbottle not looking so hot in the central attacking midfielder position? Who the heck knows?

Depth to be tested, I suppose.