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Martin Rivero Announces His Foot Is Healed

We might be getting our best young attacking midfielder back sooner, rather than later.

Brandon Wade

Martin Rivero has missed all four games the Rapids have played so far this season after suffering from a fractured foot during a preseason friendly against the Portland Timbers a few months back. We've certainly missed his ability to roam, hold and distribute at the top of the midfield, with none of the other guys who have been put in his position cutting it so far. (Dillon Powers' performance against Dallas was the closest we've come.)

Without him, we've had to resort to hoofball in a couple of games simply because nobody was there to link the ball from the midfield to the forwards.

Fortunately, Rivero tweeted today that we can expect him back soon, with his foot bones back in shape and his training regiment starting again. (He's not yet training normally, but he'll be back soon!) This is pretty darn good news for a Rapids team that seems to be losing one or two important players every single match.

I don't expect, and I don't think anyone expects, Rivero to be ready for action against Portland on Saturday. That would be rushing the issue, and Oscar Pareja has shown patience with injuries before. (Pablo Mastroeni excluded, simply because I think Pareja wants Pablo on the field as often as he can get him out there even when carrying a knock.) However, RSL next week might be a legitimate possibility, and getting Rivero back for such an important game would certainly be a boon to the injury depleted Rapids.

Hopefully, that prediction comes true, because getting even a handful of the long list of injured, important players back in burgundy would be very, very nice.