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The Daily Wave: Supporters Culture; The Sky Is Falling!

Through four games, are the Rapids sticking to fans expectations? Are they doing better or worse? Is everybody over-reacting? The season is not yet a month old, so lets everybody calm down.


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Read on twitter during last Saturdays game against the L.A. Galaxy: "Pablo should retire!, Hinchey should be fired!, Kroenke should sell the team to be competitive!"

I don't agree with any of these viewpoints. But what's important is that people have the right to give them. I believe that there is a part of the media that should expose these panic-spreading fanatics so that others can learn and be smarter about where they should direct their ire. Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, and Steve Wilkos are the best examples of exaggerated scenarios of show business. Their message comes across as celebrating the dregs of society but in reality, at least for some people, it's a scared straight day-time television that you hope never happens to you. In my mind they are doing a public service and if you want to go on one of these shows then I only hope they offer therapy along with paternity tests. In the spirit of Steve Wilkos I'm going to give some tough love to the Rapids fans that are overreacting to the first four matches of the season.

Sure Colorado has only picked up a point out of a possible 12 but remember the Rapids are without Edson Buddle, Pablo Mastroeni, Jaime Castrillon, Matt Pickens, Diego Calderon, Martin Rivero, Jamie Smith, and will be without Drew Moor this weekend against the Portland Timbers because of a red card. Pareja is hamstrung by the players he has left to use on the roster. We should feel lucky that the Rapids have been competitive in all of our matches this year for the simple fact that there are more players in the trainers room than the practice field. So lets not overreact about this.

When Colorado gets their players healthy they will have a totally different team. Although I believe Dillon Powers has earned a spot. I've seen the Rapids in person three times so far this year and he does a lot that the camera doesn't catch. Powers has proven to me that he belongs in the first team and proves the first round pick worthy. Powers is the unsung reason why the Rapids have contended in their matches. Go back and watch the Real Salt Lake game. Powers neutralized Kyle Beckerman. When was the last time the Rapids made him a non-factor? The other reason is the goal-keeping of Clint Irwin. Sure the Rapids have a pace of scoring one goal every other game. But they are a one dimensional team at the moment with their best chances coming off a counter attack with DeShorn Brown using his speed to get behind the defense.

Which brings me back to Pablo. He's 36 years old. He's coming off a major injury(concussion). The rehab for a concussion is to do nothing. Having post-concussion syndrome is tough. Standing up can cause symptoms to appear.

Every closed head injury is different. That's why some people bounce back in a week and some take a year. But if you haven't had a game situation for close to a year you are probably going to pick up some nagging injuries. It's evident just watching this team that they play better with Pablo on the field. He was the captain when the Rapids won the MLS Cup. So maybe we can cut him some slack if he wants to play the twilight of his career helping lead and build the Rapids for years to come. So let's stop over-reacting. It's four games in the season. Panic shouldn't be spread just yet. Ask yourself what your expectations were a month ago and now.

Please reserve judgement until Pareja gets his full team. Make quick hysterical decisions and you could end up on Jerry Springer, or worse, Scared Straight where you get to be on television scaring children by yelling at them to not make the same mistake you did and asking them if they want to live in prison. Even Josh McDaniels got more time than the current Colorado Rapids regime. Let's not overreact.