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FIFA Declares USMNT vs. Costa Rica Result Will Stand

Very few people expected Costa Rica's protest against the snowy conditions on Friday to go through, and sure enough, the result will stand.

Dustin Bradford

Costa Rica, following their 1-0 loss to the USMNT in very snowy conditions on Friday, decided to try and lodge a complaint with FIFA because of the conditions that the teams were playing in. Of course, they were rather childish about the whole ordeal and reportedly didn't even get the protest in on time, so very few people expected that the Costa Ricans would actually get anything out of it.

The rest of us were correct in assuming that the result would stand as it was played. FIFA released a statement on Tuesday saying that there was apparently a procedural issue and therefore the result would stand, the US would get their three points and the legendary snow game would remain a legend for years to come. We may never know what would have happened had the protest actually gone through, but I, like the majority of US fans out there, was never really worried.

Now, anyway, I hear that Mexico is playing a game tonight?