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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy

Where we go down a man and down a goal, it's hard to fight back.


Playing against the two time defending MLS champion is tough. Play against them when two of your starters go out is even tougher. And playing against them when two of your starters go out and you go down a man to a red card is near impossible. That’s what happened to our Colorado Rapids against the LA Galaxy on Saturday night. For the Rapids it was a comedy of errors…pretty much just an awful showing except for the glimmer of hope that kept us in the game. Clint Irwin.


Clint Irwin – 8
Irwin was the only reason that by the 90th minute we were still only down by one goal in this game. He made save after spectacular save and proved that he is a good up and coming keeper. The Rapids will do well with him in the net and their starting line up meshing in the future.

Marvell Wynne – 5
I felt like Wynne was another huge reason that the Rapids were only down by one goal. Good solid defending from our veteran back.

Drew Moor – 2
Before Moor got shown the red he had some good defensive plays. But the Galaxy were overwhelming our defense and we were not able to get any chances on goal. It looked to be frustration that led to Moors red card. I don’t blame him since I was frustrated at our play as well, but our nearly-captain should know better. I think we had a shot in this game if we didn’t go down a man.

Deigo Calderon – 4
Deigo, meet the post. It hurts. But at least it was a good solid effort to save a goal. Though I don’t think an injury to our starter in a game that was a loss was worth losing by one less goal.

Brian Mullan – 3
Mullan was all over the place, blowing coverage and just generally getting beat by the LA offense. It was disappointing to see Mullan have another bad game. He is becoming a liability in our defense and I’m not quite sure what to do about it. He is meant to be an attacking player.


Dillon Powers – 6
Powers had a solid game and kept the midfield working together after Mastroeni went down. He began a good chance on goal towards the end of the game that nearly left us with a draw instead of a loss. The rookie is looking good.

Pablo Mastroeni – N/A
Poor Pablo. He is just having no luck with staying healthy. I’m glad that it’s not a concussion keeping him out and that it is leg issues. But it hurts our midfield to not have our captain on the pitch.

Hendry Thomas – 6
Thomas was getting forward well during this match. In my opinion he didn’t quite deserve the Yellow card he got, but the call could have gone either way. He finished strong with a good shot just wide of the goal that could have equalized things.


Atiba Harris - 5
Considering the game conditions, I felt Harris had a decent game. He played well but I would have liked to see more shots on goal than his one. Early on in the game he had a good clearance off an LA corner. But otherwise, just an average game.

Deshorn Brown - 4
Chances do not mean goals. This kid has got to start finishing his opportunities to score or else all that we are impressed by doesn't matter.

Kevin Harbottle - 4
I had in my notes on the game that Harbottle again looked lost, especially towards the beginning of the half. Sure he had some good sequences, but overall I felt he wasn't helping to push us forward.


Tony Cascio - 5
Tony seemed stifled all game. Maybe it was the shock for coming in so early for Pablo, but he wasn't able to move the ball forward well.

Chris Klute - 5
Solids play for Klute who came on for Calderon. I was impressed with all the early subs and injuries the scoreline wasn't larger. He did well in his season debut, but was put in during hard circumstances.

Shane O'Neill - 4
O'Neill was presumably put in for Harbottle to create more chances and put some life into our offense as we were down a man and down a goal. It didn't really work.