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Thanks To Allstate For Partnering With Burgundy Wave Last Week!

Allstate provided us with two free tickets to give away last week, so here's some thanks!

You'll notice that over the past week leading up to the US Men's National Team game against Costa Rica, we were throwing out a few mentions of events by Allstate and Tony Meola. They gave Burgundy Wave a couple free tickets and field passes to give out in exchange for helping to advertise the events they were putting on.

Chris Mott (tugreenwave as he was known in our soon-to-be world famous Haiku contest) won the award and they sent me a picture -- fortunately, at that point in the proceedings the flurries hadn't really started in earnest yet!

Thanks to Allstate for pairing up with us for the game, hopefully we can do it all again next time the USMNT comes into town! (And, as Ryan from the company said in his email to me, hopefully we also have some better conditions. How about a game in August next time, US Soccer?)