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The Daily Wave: The .Gif Of Friday Night

I didn't feel like putting up anything particularly insightful about the Rapids, so here's my favorite .gif from Friday night instead.

I wasn't expecting to do The Daily Wave and I'm putting this into rotation late into the evening, so here's a .gif of one of my favorite moments from the Snow Bowl at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on Friday night. (If you can't tell what's going on, that's Geoff Cameron pushing one of the many Rapids groundscrew guys off the field with his snow shovel still on the ground.)

Watch and laugh. Laugh at the Costa Ricans, to be precise. Good luck with that appeal to FIFA you guys are planning on getting going, guys! I'm sure that it's going to work out magnificently! Complaining about snow will ring very true when there is a shower of bags of piss flowing through the air when we play in Costa Rica in a few months, maybe we can get a FIFA protest of our own.

(There will be a better post coming out later today, I swear!)