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Rapids vs. Galaxy - Goat Of The Match

Vote for who you think was the least valuable player in Colorado's 1-0 loss to LA.


This one should be at least a bit more interesting than the Man of the Match vote, though I still think there's a pretty clear frontrunner. You know who it is, I'm sure.

Drew Moor - Completely lost his head for a moment, as I don't think we've ever seen Moor make a play quite that foolish in his entire career -- case in point, that was the first red card he'd seen since 2009, and even yellows have been rare in his long career -- but it was about as big a screw up as he could have made. Doing it inside the penalty area made it even worse. His game other than the PK was also not particularly solid, with a couple of pretty bad turnovers.

Brian Mullan - Certainly his worst performance of the season, and perhaps his worst as a Rapid. It wasn't that he was out of position on most of the plays that came his way, and his speed wasn't his biggest problem, he was just putting terrible touches on the ball nearly every time it came to him. A complete sieve this time around.

Those two were the first who came to mind for me, let me know who you think the Goat was if not one of them!