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Rapids vs. Galaxy - Man Of The Match (Is Clint Irwin)

We're still doing the vote, but Clint Irwin was probably the man of the match regardless against LA.


All right, let's just get this over with. I think we all know that Clint Irwin is the Rapids' Man of the Match from last night. His eight save performance was reminiscent of some of the bail-outs we saw from Matt Pickens during the 2012 campaign, and without him in net the game would have likely gotten out of hand quickly.

There were some other decent individual performances on the night -- Tony Cascio did an admirable job as a substitute for Pablo Mastroeni and I think Marvell Wynne looked surprisingly good coming back into the center of the pitch after Diego Calderon went out injured -- but Irwin was really the only reason that the match ended with the scoreline it did.

If anyone can mount a claim against Irwin being the Man of the Match for the Rapids, let us know in the comments! Otherwise, vote for Irwin and move along with your day.