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LA Galaxy 1 Colorado Rapids 0 - Perfect Storm Of Blargh

Injuries and a red card made an already uninspiring performance even worse for the Rapids, who fell 1-0 to the LA Galaxy.


The Colorado Rapids endured the perfect storm on Saturday night, getting hit with two devastating injuries and a red card to Drew Moor en route to a 1-0 loss against the LA Galaxy.

Right from the outset, the Rapids weren't looking their best, allowing LA to make most of the runs forward while Clint Irwin continually bailed them out. Irwin was the only reason that the first half ended with a 0-0 scoreline, making 10 saves before the whistle blew. The Rapids rarely forayed forward and lost both Pablo Mastroeni (Again!)and Diego Calderon to leg injuries before the half was through.

The injuries forced two early subs from Oscar Pareja, and also forced him into what looked like a change in formation to a 4-4-2. The very young core of the team seemed to struggle with the formation change, and the already dry well of chances began to dry up even more.

Right after halftime, an already disastrous game -- that was still 0-0 only because of Irwin's heroics -- hit another level. In the 50th minute, Drew Moor made a very un-Drew Moor like flub by smacking Marcelo Sarvas in the face right inside the 18 yard box. Sarvas may have embellished a bit, but it was still a terrible play by Moor, and he knew he was going to be straight red carded before the ref had even reached him.

Mike Magee scored on the penalty kick -- though Irwin nearly came up with a miracle save after diving the right way and just barely missing it with his mitt -- and the game was essentially over before the Rapids could get a shot at trying to outdo their mediocre first half.

It wasn't all doom and gloom for the Rapids, they brought on Shane O'Neill and were able to effectively put some runs together in the same vein as the Salt Lake game the week before. Tony Cascio and Deshorn Brown were especially good at trying to push that ball forward, but nothing ended up in the twine. Finishing has been a problem all season so far, but it's hard to blame them for being unable to capitalize on 10-man hoof ball.

Having used all three of their subs by the 60th minute though, fatigue started to become a problem for Colorado and those hoofed runs forward started to get less and less common. The closest that they came was in the 81st minute when Hendry Thomas finished off a decent passing sequence with a shot that barely skidded past the post. (In a bit of dark hilarity, it looked like he might have injured himself taking the shot too.)

One more Irwin save later, the final whistle blew and the Rapids got a final scoreline that, while it was a loss either way, certainly flattered them a bit.