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Rapids, Galaxy Both Fielding Diminished Teams Saturday

When the Colorado Rapids and LA Galaxy meet for the first time in 2013 on Saturday, both teams will be missing key players.

Victor Decolongon

Both the LA Galaxy and Colorado Rapids are going to be missing a batch of big name players when they face off on Saturday at the Home Depot Center. Colorado is already missing Martin Rivero, Jaime Castrillon, Pablo Mastroeni -- who is probably not playing on Saturday if his dimisnished practice schedule is any indication -- and now Matt Pickens, but the Galaxy will be without some guys as well. In addition to Landon Donovan, out for personal reasons until April, they will be without Omar Gonzalez and Robbie Keane, who will both be participating in World Cup Qualifying matches.

(We're probably going to see Gonzalez that weekend anyway, but in USMNT colors.)

That's not to say that both teams will have to play without any established names at all. Colorado's electrifying rookie duo of Deshorn Brown and Dillon Powers will probably both be on the field, along with Kevin Harbottle and perhaps Danny Mwanga. LA will still send out the likes of Mike McGee, Juninho and others as well.

It's the Rapids who will probably be getting the better bargain out of the deal, Keane and Gonzalez are two of the most talented players in MLS. Still, it's going to be interesting watching two diminished teams duking it out on Saturday. Perhaps this even leaves room for the Rapids to sneak a result out of the Home Depot Center, where they might have struggled to with the two stars on the field.