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Rapids vs. RSL - Goat Of The Match

Who was the worst of the worst on the field against RSL?


Most players had pretty solid performances against RSL on Saturday, I think. Picking a Goat of the Match was kind of hard, but there are a couple of guys that probably should have done better with themselves.

Atiba Harris - It appears that Harris' contributions will be 'Every two games, he will put a nice looking shot in from distance but miss'. Past that, Harris was again a waste whenever he touched the ball and single-handedly borked several wonderful opportunities to get the second goal near the end of the match.

Kevin Harbottle - I don't blame Kevin for his bad performance, because I think he was never cut out to be the central attacking threat in the midfield -- his skills are more suited to wing play, where he can get the ball in space and shred diagonally into the box. In the center, he was triple or double teamed nearly every time he got the ball, and couldn't do a thing with it as a result.

Who was your Goat of the Match?