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Rapids vs. RSL - Man Of The Match

Who was the Man of the Match against Real Salt Lake on Saturday?

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sports

Though the game against RSL on Saturday wasn't quite as pretty as the first two games of the season, there were still plenty of solid performances across the field. Two guys in particular stand out in my mind as Man of the Match candidates from that pile of players.

Clint Irwin - Not just because he was playing in his first ever professional game that wasn't with the Charlotte Eagles, but Irwin was legitimately impressive for the 80+ minutes he was on the field. He made big saves, shouted to his defense when things went wrong and mentally looked like a seasoned veteran that had started 100 games before and will start 100 games after. Had Matt Pickens not gone off injured and played the same game Clint did, he'd be here instead.

Deshorn Brown - Brown's rare combo of size and speed made him the perfect target for a nice game of 'knock the ball forward and hope the guy can latch on to it'. A true 'Target Man' against RSL, he notched his first MLS goal and probably could have gotten two or three had he not barely missed on a few of his other chances.

Who do you think was the Man of the Match?