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The Daily Wave: RSL week; Why Rapids Fans Are Better!

The Rapids and the C38 tailgate is the best fan experience in Colorado and maybe one of the best in MLS.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

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What if I could tell you of a grocery/super-center store that didn't have little kids screaming in it at 8 o'clock every night? What about a sporting event where you could get multiple Colorado craft beers and a meal for five bucks a head? You would call me crazy what with a beer being NINE dollars each at Rio Tinto stadium during my visit this weekend. (The price and the judging eyes of Salt Lake citizens make the experience really great!) Now I can't give you the location of the utopian super-center but i will let you in on the sporting event. It's every Rapids game day in Lot AA across from the Cantina at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

The newly formed C38 group is a result of combining the three largest supporter groups. The Pid Army, Bulldog Supporters, and Class VI. The tailgate welcomes other supporting fans, even RSL's. Something that doesn't happen in Utah. Themed tailgates are some of the most popular games. Chicago dogs, a chili cookoff, and the most popular, the home brew contest. All this for a suggested donation of five dollars. Which you can put in the donation jar usually at the merch table where you can also pick-up your red cup. That's right, the tailgate doubles as a kegger every game day. The C38s have a deal in place this year to provide Prost Brewing Company kegs. Colorado draft beers! And the game hasn't even started yet. Did I mention that if you are staying downtown you can get a ride to the match and back? Buses from several LoDo bars will drop you off at the tailgate and pick you up to go back downtown after the game to keep the Denver night-life going. So stop by, meet some people, and enjoy a great party every game day at the DSG.

Now to why our game-day experience is much better than Salt Lakes. Visiting supporters to Rio Tinto will result in pre-gaming in a pit near an old car dealership where the Salt Lake security headquarters is located. I'm pretty sure that is where the homeless people in Utah live until match days when they move them someplace else. Then being marched in to create more attention to visiting supporters so nothing "bad" will happen. So, really the security companies plan is to create a scene of what amounts to a platoon of tipsy people parading into the stadium more sequestered then a military inspection by a General. So i'm thankful that we have Argus and their Denver Police-like laid back attitude. #freeteddy

Really I think it's a cultural problem. Colorado to them is a buy alcohol on Sunday, smoke weed everyday, gay marriage (Ed note: Civil unions!) havin' four corner state sibling that needs to be reigned in because were going to cause trouble in the community. Maybe Utah people think that if we wear slacks and short-sleeve white dress shirts with name tags and explain how good we have it in Colorado it will cause a mass exodus. In reality our alcohol is already refrigerated before we buy it and that means we can hold our liquor better. Maybe its keeping their trouble-makers away from us.

Remember, we said no to the Olympics. We hustled the Costa Rica game and sold it out in two hours. I can only imagine what Honduras fans are going to feel like when they visit in June. Their fans should fly to Denver, buy beer and then truck over there if they knew what was good for them. I wish I was a fly on the wall when they go to the state run liquor store an hour before the game and have their choice of warm Bud Light or warm Fosters. Colorado fans make it easier to attend games while Salt Lake seems to challenge you going to their state. So if you want to experience the good side of the Rocky Mountains, the best tailgate in the league, and a great downtown scene with a soccer match. You need to attend the C38 tailgate and Rapids game.