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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs. Philadelphia Union

Same old story from last week. Exciting play, with no result!


The Colorado Rapids had a good game. Philadelphia barely got to string together any passes. The Rapids controlled the ball in the attacking half of the field. Marvell Wynne sent in many a great cross in the first half. The sun was shining and the fans were booing. They were booing the refs and the Union’s Sheanon Williams. Sure, we could blame the refs for some bad calls. But in the end the Rapids lack of production cost them the game and the three points at home in what should have been an easy home opener.


Matt Pickens- 4
Pickens completely misjudged the first goal. It looked like it could have been an easy punch out, but he was out of place and seemed to just lose the ball. In combination with the defense losing position, this goal was just one bad mistake.

Marvell Wynne- 5
I thought that Wynne had a great first half. He was constantly open on the right side, and sent in many a great cross and got off some nice shots. But Wynne also contributed to the first Union goal by losing his man, and that knocks him down a few points in my book.

Diego Calderon - 5
Calderon and Moor continued to play very well together, though he was unable to make the final play to stop that second Philly goal.

Drew Moor - 5
On both goals the Union scored Drew Moor was in position to try and stop them, but just too far away. Though it seemed to me mistakes by others who put Moor in this position.

Brian Mullan - 5
Mullan is looking promising, as usual. Good presence and ability to push the ball forward.


Dillon Powers - 4
Powers was all over the place, in a bad way. After Pablo went out, he didn’t seem anything like the player we saw in Dallas. He was subbed at the half and Jamie Smith looked much better in the midfield.

Pablo Mastroeni - NA
Poor Pablo. I wish he had stayed in the game longer. Wish him a speedy recovery!

Hendry Thomas-4
Thomas missed a tackle that directly led to the Unions second goal. He went in hard and came away with nothing as Philadelphia kept the ball moving up field to score. Bad mistake and sloppy play.


Deshorn Brown-5
Same old story. Brown looked promising and exciting. But ultimately never could do anything. Though he linked up well with Smith for the Rapids lone goal.

Atiba Harris - 3
Harris was aggressive and got nothing out of it. Though he is a veteran, he doesn’t seem to bring much to the field. I don’t know why he’s starting in place of Cascio.

Kevin Harbottle - 6
He’s little and quick. I think had he been taller we would have gotten an equalizer in the second half. He really helped us to keep the ball in the attacking half of the field and just needs to keep pushing it forward!


Nick LaBrocca - 5
I felt LaBrocca did well, and he has a good attacking mind in the mid-field. But it felt too sudden to put him in the game and I don’t think we ever really recovered from such an abrupt change early on.

Jamie Smith-8
He had our only goal, and it was a beaut! He was the perfect second half sub and brought on just what the Rapids needed. I’m glad we still have him.

Tony Cascio-7
Again, Cascio is the super sub. I think that he should really be starting. His play was aggressive and he just kept beating Williams.