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Sheanon Williams Is Not A Fan

Sheanon Williams got the old Class VI treatment again, with added signage this time, and apparently isn't a fan of Colorado.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Way back when the Union came over to play the Rapids in 2011 -- a boring 1-1 draw that featured a bunch of dives and some really terrible offense by the Rapids, by the way -- Mr. Sheanon Williams got rather offended on twitter that he was getting booed by the Class VI members in Section 108, lashing out on twitter after the fact. That was the last time that they were in Colorado, and I'm sure he thought we had forgotten about all that.

Apparently not! This time the Centennial 38 lads over in Section 108 pulled out a couple of signs that spelled out #HATERS to complement their booing him the entire first half. Personally, I thought it was hilarious once I figured out what it was in reference to.

Williams himself was less than amused, apparently.

I'm sure part of his hatred of the trip had to do with the snow, but I still chuckled.