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Go Home Altitude, You're Drunk

Seriously, Altitude, what the hell.


Edit: Our intrepid writer Alex has figured it out, I think.

I think they used the Union players’ numbers/positions and Rapids players’ names.

Notice that McInerney is No. 9, Le Toux is No. 11, etc. Both goalies wearing No. 18 was just luck on their part. There are a few discrepancies but it's the closest thing we have to an explanation yet!


Seriously, I know I complain about how bad Altitude is when it comes to Rapids coverage quite often. I know it probably seems like I do it a little too much, and we should probably be happy that we have a channel dedicated to Denver sports in the area that gives the Rapids any coverage at all, considering how little they got in some years previous.

But seriously, LOOK AT THAT PICTURE UP THERE. LOOK AT IT. That goes beyond incompetence and goes right into 'I was on a drinking binge when they asked me to put the lineup together.' Listen to the highlights and when that... thing comes on screen, Marcelo Balboa is speechless.

And on top of all the obvious horrible lineup mistakes (Though maybe Ceus would make a better winger than goalie, I dunno), the jersey to represent the Rapids in the bottom of the screen is their jersey from last year. Christ.