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Rapids vs. Union - Goat Of The Match

Who was the Goat of the Match against the Philadelphia Union?


Once again, the Rapids played a pretty solid game against the Philadelphia Union, and there weren't all that many guys who had performances that could be qualified as 'bad'. This time around, I could only think of two guys worthy of the 'Goat' moniker, though of course you can let us know in the comments if you feel someone else deserves it.

Matt Pickens - After the best year of his career in 2012, Pickens got off to a clunker in 2013. He should have done better on both goals he allowed, and the corner kick that he was nowhere near was a pretty big blunder. Still better than Steward Ceus, of course, but still not his best.

Atiba Harris - Harris does provide a veteran presence on the front line for the Rapids, but he just hasn't been all that impressive to watch in his first two games. Tony Cascio coming on for him increased the energy and I wouldn't be surprised to see Cascio getting a starting role over him if he keeps the blah performances up.

Vote on who your Goat of the Match was below.