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Rapids vs. Union - Man Of The Match

Who was the Man of the Match against the Philadelphia Union?


Picking a man of the match out of that one is going to be somewhat difficult, as it wasn't quite as sharp an affair as the 1-0 loss to FC Dallas was.

Jamie Smith - The obvious choice as the only goalscorer for the team. A very well taken goal by the Scotsman, and some decent work in the midfield moving the ball around after the lackluster play of Dillon Powers.

Kevin Harbottle - Kevin has proven to be a very good pick up so far, despite not putting the ball in the back of the net he was a pest all game long and shredded the Philadelphia defense on several different occasions. Once he starts shooting the ball a bit more often and stops trying to take on quite so many guys at once, I see him being even better.

DeShorn Brown - Had a very good assist on Jamie Smith's goal, and was no slouch in the attack elsewhere, either. Really unlucky that he hasn't found the net yet.

Hendry Thomas - Even with Mastroeni off the field quickly, Thomas was doing his thing and doing it very well. A steady passing game, tons of recoveries and good tackles in the midfield once again kept the possession in the Rapids favor in the good way, not the 'kick it around the defense the entire damn game' way.

Vote below for who you think was the MoM.