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American Outlaws Tickets Available For USMNT vs. Costa Rica

Tickets for the AO Supporters' Section are now on sale for the United States vs. Costa Rica game at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

Gail Oskin

We're slowly edging closer and closer to the start of the Major League Soccer season, and we're also edging closer to the big March 22nd game against Costa Rica at DSGP. Tickets are finally on sale in the Supporters' Section for the game in late March.

The Outlaws are most likely going to be in the south stands -- the terrace, of course, won't be up for this game, as awesome as that would probably be -- but they haven't confirmed it quite yet. The ticket price is a bit steep, at $47 a pop for AO members and $52 for non AO members. (Though if you're not a member yet, I don't know how much sense it makes to spend $25 so you can save $5 on the ticket. Still worth getting that membership at some point, of course.)

Tickets are available at the official American Outlaws website, click here for the direct link.

Go go USA, see you on the 22nd!