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Walter Martinez No Longer With Colorado Rapids

Trialist Walter Martinez is no longer with the Rapids after a couple of appearances with the team at the Desert Friendlies.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more intriguing storylines going into the Desert Friendlies was the addition of trialist Walter Martinez to the squad. The Honduran had a pretty solid pedigree, with a World Cup appearance under his belt alongside country-man Hendry Thomas. He was playing forward, where Oscar Pareja clearly doesn't feel he can have too much depth. Best of all, he had US Residency so he wouldn't take up an international slot if he was picked up.

It looked like a pretty solid bet that he would be on the team, but apparently even the best bets lose. According to the Terrace Blog on twitter, 'Perry' is no longer with the Rapids.

I slightly disagree on the point that he showed well, I thought that he looked a bit out of his element every time he appeared with the team during the Desert Friendlies. Regardless, it's most likely true that the money was the big sticking point.