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USMNT vs. Honduras: Hopefully The Former Denver South Player Doesn't Do Work This Time

Last time the United States met Honduras in the Hex, a Denver South High School alum did fine things for the US. Let's hope that this year's South High alum doesn't have that sort of performance.

Marc Serota

The last time that the United States Men's National Team met up against Honduras in the Hexagonal round of World Cup Qualification, a former Denver South High School player did some fine work.

You may have heard of him, considering that game is known universally as 'The Conor Casey Game'. Casey's two-goal performance launched the US into the 2010 World Cup finals, where some other stuff apparently happened. (This stuff mostly involved Robbie Findley being essentially useless while Casey was reportedly laughing while sitting in a bathtub full of money at home.)

This time around, there will somehow be another Denver South player on the pitch -- and I truly have no idea how that happened, since South produces decent athletes at a rate somewhere between molasses and paint drying -- but it won't be a player on our side this time. Roger Espionza cut his teeth in Colorado after moving to the Mile High City at age 12, playing for South and then Regis Jesuit before moving on to college and eventually Sporting Kansas City.

To say that he has done well for himself since being drafted would be a bit of an understatement, as he became the first former South student -- I didn't actually look that up or do any research, but come on -- to record an assist in the English Premier League with Wigan the other day. He's been announced as a starter for the Hondurans on Wednesday, which will give the 26-year-old a mighty fine chance to get a spot on the Starting XI for years to come if he can perform.

With three very important Hex points in the mix for the United States, I will unfortunately be forced to root against the guy who went to the same high school as I did this time around. If only Casey was six or seven years younger, we could be seeing the South High super showdown!

(...go Rebels!)