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Colorado Rapids Announce Schedule Change vs. New England

The game against the New England Revolution this year will be on July 17th instead of August 21st.

Winslow Townson

A couple of minor changes to the Colorado Rapids schedule were announced on Monday, mostly time changes. There was one change of date though, moving the game against the New England Revolution at DSGP to July 17th. Originally, the game was set to go on August 21st.

This will give the Rapids five games in July, and slice a bit into the incredibly long break that the team is going through in the middle of the month. Originally, there were no games in the span from July 7th to July 20th, this will cut three days out of that.

In addition to adding some meat to the middle of July, it will also add a longer break to the end of August, where they now won't have any games between August 17th and August 31st. Breaks as the team nears the homestretch of the season are usually a welcome addition to any schedule.