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Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 34: All Sorts Of (Late) Stuff!

An incredibly late episode of the dirtiest podcast in Football, where we cover lots of stuff that already happened, even some stuff that has now already happened but hadn't when we recorded it!

Fun fact: This podcast was supposed to come out on Wednesday or Thursday of last week.

Fun fact: I was both sick with the Bavarian Death Flu and incredibly lazy last week, which led to be not putting it up until now.

Either way, this is the longest Thugcast yet, checking in at just under two hours. We had a lot to talk about, including:

* The MLS Draft, specifically my trip down there and how the Rapids cleaned house.
* Transfers, trades and the like, not just for the Rapids, but around the league. (Chelis, you're a godsend!)
* A short chat on the Jamie Smith situation.
* Some fun 'what if' scenarios involving what the team would currently look like if Gary Smith had remained our manager or they had hired a guy like Steve Nichol.
* A preview of the Desert Friendlies. Which just concluded. Whoops.

Uh, yeah. Just click the big ol' logo down there to listen to this week's Thugcast. I promise, only a few things are out of date!