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Then Again, Matt Pickens Might Not Miss The Season Opener

We thought Matt Pickens would miss the game against FC Dallas. Hopefully, we were wrong!

Tom Hauck

Well, our fears might have been unfounded after all. After hearing that Matt Pickens was battling a bit of a knock to his leg, we were worried that he was going to miss out on the opening game against FC Dallas. Again, this would likely be a bad thing, as Steward Ceus remains inconsistent in his youth and would be going against a re-tooled Dallas offense that, quite frankly, scares me a bit more than in past seasons.

Fortunately, all signs point to him being all right after all. He practiced with all of the other goalkeepers on Wednesday prior to the team's trip to Texas, and he wasn't exactly hobbling around the field during the drills he was participating in, either. Good signs, and hopefully a good omen come Saturday.

Pickens is probably the kind of guy who is going to want what is best for the team, so don't expect to see him shoehorned in if he doesn't feel up to it. Hopefully, it won't need to come to that.