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Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 36: Season Preview!

We preview the season in this week's Rapids Thugcast. It's almost here!

The MLS season proper is just about to start! That means it is time for a season preview on the Rapids Thugcast! Along with a couple of other, more locally related things, we talk season preview this week, and Ben decides to go full-on crazy with his predictions. (Mine are slightly less clownshoes, but still probably not what any of the editors will be predicted.)

Check out this week for chat about:

* The quick USMNT sell out that we saw within an hour. Ben gloats quite a bit, pay it no mind.
* Previews for just about everything this year, including playoff seedings in both conferences, Supporter's Shield winners and MLS Cup matches. (Hint: We end up agreeing on the same MLS Cup final, and it's an interesting one!)
* A quick preview for the FC Dallas game.

Clicky the picture to listen to this week's Thugcast, and the last before the regular season begins: