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Colorado Rapids Kits: Go Bold Or Go Home

Colorado's jerseys the past several seasons have been, in a word, boring. It's good to see that with a bold new direction on the field, we're seeing a bold new direction on the players shirts as well.


Since 2007, the Colorado Rapids have worn burgundy, sky blue and white. That's one of the more unique color combinations in Major League Soccer, and it has always led to some of the most boring kits in the league. When you wear a unique color, you don't need to make anything elaborate on the shirts you're wearing.

Sure, there was never much of a backlash when the Rapids put out a new kit in the past several years. ("I hate white jerseys!" totally doesn't count, even though I was never much of a fan of those white away strips they were wearing last year.) But there was never much praise either. In that regard, we've already started to see stuff we'd never seen before, including praise as high as 'The Rapids release the best kit ever'.

Some people don't like it, just like the direction that the team itself is taking as they try to turn into an attacking, La Liga style team. But hell if it doesn't get the people talking, and I think that's just what the team wants.

In a way, it makes sense that the Rapids would want to start going bold with the shirts they'll be wearing for the next few years. Think of the Rapids in, say, 2009. A boring team playing boring football with a boring manager. Wearing blank burgundy and sky blue, no jersey sponsor to speak of, no stars on the jersey and really, no stars on the field either. To call the Rapids 'bold' in 2009 would have been a laughable offense.

How things change over a couple of years.

Oscar Pareja and Tim Hinchey have taken over the show, turning a boring, empty bucket midfield into a team that provides goals every game, whether for or against. Guys like Martin Rivero and Kevin Harbottle have the national eye starting to creep towards the Rapids, a team that seemed content to avoid the press as much as possible under past regimes.

The same excitement has extended to our jerseys now.

Can't find a jersey sponsor now? Just make the rest of the jersey into something. Season ticket holder's names wrapping around the home kit in hoops -- though you'll notice that there is a ring of 'Colorado Rapids Colorado Rapids Colorado Rapids Colorado Rapids Colorado Rapids...' where a jersey sponsor might have been! -- or the imprinted Colorado C on the away kit, there's no need to plaster a logo on there to make it interesting to the eye. The Rapids have gone bold in every way, and it's been incredibly fun to watch.

Nobody would have ever called one of our kits 'garish' in years past. We might be hearing it now about either of our new kits, but perhaps with the way that they're working to build this team into something exciting, we should be taking it as a compliment.