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The Most Hilarious Reactions To The New Rapids Kit On Facebook

The Rapids Facebook page is a cesspool of hilarity. We took a look at it for the most hilarious reactions to the new alternate jersey that was revealed yesterday.


If you are somehow unaware, the Colorado Rapids Facebook page is a bit of a cesspool if you're looking for intelligent discussion about the Rapids. Naturally, after some of the more vocal people started talking on the Rapids Facebook page during the reveal of the new jersey, hilarity ensued.

Now, there are plenty of criticisms for that new kit that make perfect sense: a lot of people don't like the amount of yellow piping compared to the small amount of red. The crest being in red wigged a few people out. Some people think that the C on the front should be colored in. A lot of people rightly are wondering what happened to the white on the CO flag when it was turned into this kit.

Those are all perfectly fine criticisms, and I agree with a few of them myself even though I'm a big fan of the jersey as it is.

The Rapids Facebook page had no such intelligent criticism.


This was probably the second most common criticism, that the Rapids were 'once again changing the team's color scheme.'

I assume this particular rift was caused by people who apparently were smart enough to post on Facebook but not quite on the point enough to have noticed the numerous mentions of an alternate kit coming out in the past few weeks or the fact that they had released the new home kit last year in a big ceremony.

Speaking of which...




If we discounted the facts that Maroon isn't our primary color, Kroenke had nothing to do with the new MLS rule that every team needs to put out a new kit every year and that a lot of fans had been pleading with the front office to make a Colorado flag themed kit for years, this would almost be a good point.


I guess we're going to have to go on a limb with this one and assume he thinks that purple is the same thing as burgundy? I guess cats are color blind, so it's excusable.


For his next move, this guy went back in time, found the man who designed Colorado's flag and slapped him to the ground while screaming 'Mix your paints, bitch!'


This is the most common one on there and also the funniest one to me, because it implies that RSL had the color scheme of 'red, blue and yellow' before the state of Colorado did. (Of course, as any good RSL fan will tell you, their colors aren't red, blue and yellow. They are 'claret', 'cobalt' and 'gold' because those darn primary colors just aren't royal enough.) Really, we had the color scheme first and have just been waiting to take it back if anything.

Even better, the RSL fans that came onto the page and tried to call the kits ugly while also trying to imply that the kits were carbon copies of RSL kits. (Though I will hand it to them, they have had some mighty ugly uniforms.)

I'll let Mr. Patrick Quinn do the talking here:

We're not stealing shit from Utah, because there is nothing to steal.

Like them or not, these are the away kits we'll be rocking for the next two seasons, and I for one am excited to see them get some action out on the pitch. As for me, I'll just be doing my usual thing and staying as far away from the Rapids Facebook page as possible through 2013, just as I did in 2012!

Also, 'Gay.'