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9News (Right After The Terrace Blog) Reveals New Rapids Away Jersey

The new Rapids away jersey was sneak-peeked on 9News at 4 today.

9 News

We've been waiting for our new away kit for a while, and we had nothing but a small look at it until today, when 9News gave a full view of the new jersey during their 4 p.m. broadcast. It wasn't the smoothest of events -- at one point the reporter accidentally referred to the Rapids as the Rockies and also said that our main color was 'Maroon' -- but hey, new jersey, am I right?

(Actually, The Terrace Blog from the Denver Post leaked it first because 9News took their damn time, but whatever!)

I like it, though there might be a bit too much yellow on the long sleeved version of it. Fortunately, Pablo was rocking the short sleeved version on the 9News show, and I think it looks solid.

The full away kit will be revealed tomorrow during the Rapids jersey caravan event, which will be going around Colorado before stopping at LoDo's in downtown Denver for the big reveal party at 6 p.m. MT.

And by the by, you can buy the new kit already if you're a fan right here.