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Ten Keys To 2013 - No. 6: Left Backs

Between Anthony Wallace, Chris Klute and Kory Kindle, someone needs to step up on the left side of the defense in 2013. (Or could it be a guy like Diego Calderon? Brian Mullan?)

Justin Edmonds

There is no bigger question mark of a position on the Colorado Rapids this year than left back. There are a bunch of guys who can play the position, but the three that have been getting the minutes -- discounting Brian Mullan getting a quick look against the LA Galaxy in that last game -- are Anthony Wallace, Chris Klute and Kory Kindle.

Those three guys are all question marks going into the season:

  • Wallace, while clearly the one that we've seen the most from, is coming off of a series of injuries and has looked two or three steps slow in the preseason, as though he's not completely healthy yet. If healthy, he is probably the clear starter of the three, but only time will tell if he's there yet.
  • Klute looked good in his one appearance last season, but that was a pretty easy one against a Houston Dynamo B-side that was resting up for the playoffs. Eric Wynalda might think he's the next Eddie Pope but I think we'll need some more time to convince us of that. Probably the biggest unknown of the three, but more likely to start than Kindle I think.
  • Kindle showed how talented he was on the attack during the preseason, launching that lovely cross into DeShorn Brown in that game against Portland. Unfortunately, his defensive abilities are still pretty raw, which we also saw during the preseason. Might need a year to get into starting form.

That's not exactly the best left back lineup in the league. There are plenty of other guys like Brian Mullan, Diego Calderon and Drew Moor who could step into the spot as well, but those guys are probably better off in their more natural positions. Someone from that group of three needs to step up so we don't need to worry about it, especially if the team proves to be as vulnerable on the counterattack this year as they were last year.