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Piers Morgan: Arsenal Fan, Professional Jackass

Wherein Piers Morgan somehow screws up whining about Stan Kroenke.

Chris Trotman

Do you like Arsenal FC? Then you've probably heard the mad ramblings of Piers Morgan, well known for his television program where he, uh... actually, I've never watched it. I hear he dislikes guns and freedom or something? I don't know. What I do know is that the guy loves him some Gunners, and gets near suicidal on Twitter after just about every single game.

This time around, he decided to bash him by saying that none of the teams he owns in any professional sport have won a title in the past decade. (Since he only seems to count the Avs, Rams and Nuggets, that would actually go back 12 years to Colorado's Stanley Cup victory in 2001.)

So, uh, anyone want to tell him?

I mean, for Christ's sake Piers, the Rapids are even the same sport as your beloved Gunners and they won a title just under three years ago. There's plenty of complaints one can make about Kroenke without needing to make up numbers like that.

If we're being really pedantic here, the Colorado Mammoth also won the NLL title -- which is still technically a professional title even if it's in a sport that doesn't get quite as much viewership as, well, anything else -- in 2006, which is well under a decade ago as well. I mean, he didn't even say 'professional' teams so I don't see how the Mammoth's win doesn't count.

So basically, Piers Morgan is a muppet.