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Shane O'Neill Goes 90 Again In 1-0 USMNT U-20 Win

The USMNT U-20 team won once again on Friday evening with Shane O'Neill going the full 90 minutes.

Bart Young/Colorado Rapids

Once again on Friday evening, the United States Men's National U-20 Team won a game that they didn't particularly inspire much confidence in.

More importantly than that, Colorado Rapids youngster Shane O'Neill played the full 90 minutes of game. Shane didn't play particularly badly, either. The US won 1-0, but neither team had much of an attacking flair. By my eye, the ball stayed in the midfield for almost the entire match, and when it wasn't there it was being kicked around the defenses for several minutes at a time.

O'Neill and the rest of the back four, by virtue of that, did not have all that much to do during the match. In fact, Shane's most memorable moments in the game were probably both on corner kicks, where he came close to sticking in the ball in the back of the net. Jose Villareal of the LA Galaxy scored the only goal for the US to seal the win and the first place slot on their Group.

Once again, Dillon Serna was invited into the 18 but didn't see any minutes on the pitch.