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Jaime Castrillon Re-Signs With Colorado

Jaime Castrillon resigns with the Rapids: Doves Suddenly Stop Crying.

Jaime Castrillon probably right when he injured his knee.
Jaime Castrillon probably right when he injured his knee.
Justin Edmonds

Well, we knew the offseason would be exciting, huh?

In a somewhat stunning turn of events, and after much mucking about in uncertainty, the Colorado Rapids have re-signed last year's Golden Boot winner and breakout star Jaime Castrillon to a new deal which will keep him at the club for the 2013 season, thus killing the rumored deal with Colombian powerhouse Millonarios. But of course, this doesn't come without a catch.

As per the official reports (finally) about Castrillon's ongoing knee condition, Jaime will be having a surgery necessary to correct a pre-existing condition that surfaced at the end of the 2012 season. While it didn't seem that Jaime was limping around with a knock at the end of last season, the medical and technical staff thought it was pretty serious, as Paul Bravo put it in the article.

"Jaime made great contributions to our club in the 2012 season, and we wanted to make sure he got the medical care he needs for his knee," said Rapids Technical Director Paul Bravo. "We decided that even if Jaime is unable to play for the next several months, it was important for his career and his future to get treatment for his knee, and that re-signing the player for 2013 was the right thing to do."

So this leaves Jaime out for 4-5 months recovering from the surgery, and the Rapids look to have already reconstructed their midfield to do without him for a while with Pablo Mastroeni acting as a kind of connective player between the defensive midfield and the offensive playmaker. Jaime will most likely, if he is able to recover his fitness in time, be a bench option until he is ready to compete with Pablo, rookie Dillion Powers, and Nick LaBrocca for that box-to-box linking midfielder role.

Overall, the Colorado Rapids look to be investing a lot in Jaime Castrillon, and Rapids fans can only hope that El Fantasma looks to repay the favor with interest.