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Kory Kindle Officially Signed (And Also Clint Irwin)

Kory Kindle and Clint Irwin have been officially signed by the Rapids.

Christian Petersen

It's almost no fun that we learn about every signing ahead of time these days thanks to the internet.

Actually nah, it's pretty awesome. Either way, Kory Kindle was officially signed by the Rapids today, along with new third goalkeeper Clint Irwin.

Irwin was outplayed by Jimmy Maurer in the one Desert Friendlies game he appeared in -- we're not bitter about that at all, being his biggest fans and all! -- but obviously did better in scrimmages and practices to earn the spot behind Matt Pickens and Steward Ceus in the goalkeeper depth chart.

I think we already know all we need to know about Kindle, we've seen what he can do on the offensive side of the ball and we even learned that he could stick with guys in defense when he was playing back during the friendlies he appeared in.

...Yeah. Season's only just over a week away guys! Soon we can start talking about real games! Yay!