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Centennial 38 Announces Some Mighty Cool Stuff

Our new united Supporter's Group has already done some work.

Doug Pensinger

A little while back, it was announced that the three Colorado Rapids Supporter's Groups that had been trolling through the terraces and Section 108 the past few years would be combining into one big group. Eventually, we learned that group would be called Centennial 38. Well, everything has been made official now and they're already starting to work on some good stuff for the upcoming season.

There's a bus trip to the Real Salt Lake game in early March that has already been prepared, the group will be taking over the viewing parties (so no more 'Official Coors Light viewing party' at some bar you've never heard of where the bartender probably doesn't care about soccer!) but the most exciting part was announced on Facebook on Wednesday. Take it away, C38:

Big news time: C38 is now the sole owner and seller of tickets in The Terraces and Section 108! When you buy tickets, you will be buying them from us. Any money we make goes back into further improving the independent supporters movement locally. All season ticket benefits you had with Rapids stay the same. Ticket pricing and package deals and such are decided by C38. Single game tickets now have no fees attached and instead of $29, tickets are $20 in Terraces. Instead of $40 single game price in 108, tickets are $30. Season ticket prices stay the same cheap price as before. Much more info will roll out later as details are figured out.

Now that's pretty neat, and something I don't think we ever would have seen from a Rapids SG and the Rapids front office seven or eight years ago. Awesome to see how far we've come.