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USMNT vs. Costa Rica Tickets On Sale, But You Might Want To Hurry

According to Tim Hinchey, you're going to want to make haste if you want a ticket to the USMNT vs. Costa Rica game on March 22nd.

Gail Oskin

I've been shilling for people to buy tickets to the United States Men's National Team against Costa Rica for a few weeks now. Turns out, I don't think I needed to. Tim Hinchey just posted that, even though the public sale of tickets started two hours ago, they're almost all sold out already.

I don't think I need to tell you how awesome that is.

In addition to the stadium being almost full, the American Outlaws might have sold out the entire south stand of the stadium with Supporters Section tickets, which means that if you are at the game you'll be seeing around 2000 drunken yokels cheering the Yanks on in the end stand of the stadium. We might actually set a new attendance record -- one which I believe was set during the USWNT game last year -- at this rate. Nice.

Well, if there are even any left, you can buy tickets here.