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Former Rapids Midfielder Joseph Nane Released By DC United

Joseph Nane was let go by DC United today and is still without an MLS job since being released by the Colorado Rapids.

Doug Pensinger

After the Rapids released that giant group of guys right at the end of the season, we expressed happiness that all the 'dead weight' had been removed from the team. Most of the guys, we felt, were not starter or even backup quality in the league, so I don't think anyone was torn up when Scott Palguta, Ian Joyce, Joseph Nane and others were let go.

The majority of those guys have been unable to find a job anywhere else in the league, as if to prove our point. Joseph Nane was one of the few who got a good, long look from a team, but he was released by DC United today after a few appearances in the Disney Pro Classic for the Black and Red.

Let's see what Black And Red United, our DC blog, had to say about Nane:

While the central midfielder was adequate defensively, he was too slow in his decision-making on the ball, and the team saw possessions routed through the Cameroonian lose all forward momentum, as Nane would take too many touches on the ball and be closed down by opponents, leading to backward passes that sapped any attacking intent from the move. His second appearance, against Sporting Kansas City, in particular convinced many of us - and apparently Ben Olsen, too - that Nane was not long for United.

Yeah, that sounds like the Joseph Nane we all knew and loved here.