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Is Anthony Wallace Still Hurt?

Anthony Wallace has seemed a few steps off during preseason. Is he still being nagged by that injury?


So, Anthony Wallace. After missing all of last season, the young left back finally returned to the pitch for the preseason, so far getting a couple of starts in the Desert Friendlies and the Chivas USA match in Vegas the other night. Unfortunately, he hasn't looked himself.

Wallace has seemed a bit more tame on the ball than usual, a step or two slower than we're used to and, most importantly, a bit less voracious on the tackle. That leaves us to wonder, is Wallace still hurting from the injury that nagged him all last season and only getting minutes because he is well enough to run?

With Diego Calderon, Drew Moor and Brian Mullan/Marvell Wynne all looking up to the challenges of preseason so far, it's even more noticeable that Wallace isn't quite there yet. (That's probably a good thing, actually.) That's something that Oscar Pareja should consider after watching his mediocre performances against Portland and then Chivas. There's always the chance that the injury straight up ruined him as a player, but it's probably more likely that he simply needs to continue practicing while being given a bit more time to recover on the bench.

Kory Kindle and Chris Klute can probably man the positions well enough to cease many worries until he's back in full -- and we actually mean really full -- health.