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Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 35: The Off-Season Is Almost Over!

Episode 35 of the dirtiest podcast in football, where we have nothing in particular to talk about but plenty of time to talk about it!

So nothing incredibly major has happened in the past week or two in terms of big Colorado Rapids news, but there were enough tiny things that built up. At the very least, there was over an hour's worth of stuff to talk about while making this week's Rapids Thugcast, but that might just be because Ben and I can ramble for days on end.

Who knows, really? Check out this week's Thugcast to hear us chat about, among other things...

* Oscar Pareja's recent comments on both Andre Akpan and Edu
* The Jaime Castrillon injury and a recent tactical switch that we noticed during the desert friendlies which might make Castrillon needed a bit less
* Jamie Smith being re-signed by the team
* The upcoming United States Men's National Team game and why I've been shilling tickets for it so hard

Click on the Thugcast logo below to listen to this week's 'Cast.